Moving the Kids: Does It Require a Change to a Divorce or Timesharing (Custody) Order in Florida?

We live in a mobile society, and some states, particularly states like Florida, have very transient populations.  Post-divorce moves are very common.  But, how do you deal with the idea of moving the kids away from the other parent? First, let’s address some terms.  In Florida, we don’t say “custodial parent” or “CP” vs. “non-custodial-parent”…


Does Florida Allow for Separation?

This is a question on which even experienced family lawyers disagree.  It is really a question of semantics.  My answer is a qualified “yes.” In many states, legal separation is required before you can file for divorce.  That means that a judge has to declare a couple “legally separated” for a certain amount of time…


Uncontested Divorce: What to Consider

When deciding to end a marriage, there are a host of decisions from equitable distribution to custody and timesharing.  While this process is commonly drawn out and incredibly complicated, more couples are turning towards uncontested divorce. uncontested divorce involves couples that are able to reach an agreement on all separation issues such as spousal support,…


Top 15 Tampa Military Divorce Mistakes (Part 3)

Continuing the Military Divorce Mistakes Countdown to #7 Last time, in “Part 2” of this blog, I continued the list with the mistakes #5 and #6 on a list of detrimental mistakes I often times see clients make with their military divorce before seeking the advice of an experienced family divorce attorney. Today, I’ll continue…